Werder Viganò Ltd., Switzerland


Practice areas

Werder Viganò Ltd. is a mid-sized law firm. Our core competence is consultation for and representation of private clients, companies and associations in all legal aspects of business practice.

A competent yet personal style of assistance is important to us. We work out efficient and pragmatic solutions to suit our clients’ needs. Our clients benefit from our long time experience. Sound legal knowledge, business understanding and the varied expertise of our lawyers enable Werder Viganò Ltd. to offer a clear-sighted, individual advisory service. We are able to call upon an international network of lawyers and advisors to cover cross-border issues. Alongside general advice in commercial legal issues, we are strong in offering:

  • Investor representation vis-a-vis asset managers and banks
  • Protecting the interests of victims of white-collar crime
  • Company restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Assistance with company succession and business sales
  • Matters of copyright, media and information law
  • Advice for producers and other players in the film, entertainment and media industries


Sven Lüscher
Bahnhofstrasse 64
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

t: +41 44 208 2000
f: +41 44 208 2008
email: law@wvlaw.ch
www: www.werdervigano.ch

Membership: Eurolegal International Bar Association Swiss and Zurich Bar Association Association for International Law as well as other professional law groups in Switzerland Furthermore, we have a wide informal network of contacts and, where necessary, we have access to very good Swiss and foreign specialists in Europe, North America and Asia in order to provide our clients the best advice and service available.