Studio Chianura, Italy


Practice areas

Studio Chianura is a law firm specialising in Tax and Business Law which covers all the aspects regarding either the ordinary administration of a company or its extraordinary administration (such as merger, de-merger, acquisition and sales, winding up, acquisition of public grants, group reorganisation, international tax planning, etc).

Moreover, the firm also covers other matters such as international tax law and international contract law, trust law, international transport law, inheritance (fiscal aspects), bankruptcy, sale of real estate and incentive to business ( the Southern part of Italy, until 2006, is a objective 1 area for EU grants).

In 1997 has been activated the civil law department, formed by three lawyers, which deals with the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of civil law (judicial and extra judicial matters).

The other legal areas are covered by a group of independent lawyers linked to the firm by a common association; some of them have a deep knowledge of Antitrust Law, Agency and Distribution Law , Mediation and Joint Venture Agreements.

The firm comprises four lawyers, four auditors and Staff.

Since 2002 the firm has begun a contribution in favour of a national daily newspaper (the second one in South Italy with an average of 600.000” entitled “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno” which every Monday publishes a column called “International Business” edited by Gaetano Chianura. The column deals with international issued related to the cross-border commercial relationship, including the EU regulation.


Adv. Gaetano Chianura
Corso Cavour 60
70121 Bari, Italy

t: 00 39 0 80 524 83 65
f: 00 39 0 80 524 16 68

Membership: The firm is a member of the "ANTI" (National Association of Tax Consultants).