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PI 61-772 Poznań, Poland

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Practice areas Administrative Law    
Agency and Distribution Law    
Antitrust Law    
Banking Law    
Building and Construction Law    
Civil Law    
Commercial Law    
Company Law    
Credit Law    
EU Law    
Immigration Law    
Insurance Law    
Intellectual and Industrial Property Law    
Labour Law    
Land Law    
Tax Law    
Tort Law    
Transport Law   

Firm Description Kancelaria Prawna dr Marek Jarzyński & Kornel Novak converted into Kancelaria Prawna Jarzyński & Wspólnicy Sp.k. has been pursuing activity since 1989 and is one of the first of this kind Law Firms established in the period of significant political system changes in Poland. The firm is situated in Poznań.

The Partners of Kancelaria Prawna J&W are currently Grażyna Kalinowska-Jarzyńska and Marek Jarzyński, PhD.

The area of activity Kancelaria Prawna J&W can be briefly described as civil, business, administrative, cooperative, construction and real property law. Significant part of engagements are devoted to intellectual and industrial property law. The criminal law department focused mainly on business crimes.

The philosophy of the legal consulting and services is to ensure that the interests of clients take priority and the law will be used first of all for their benefits.

Kancelaria Prawna J&W provide reliable, efficient and convenient service in comfortable and friendly surroundings.

Languages English, French, German, Dutch, Russian

Membership Solicitors European Group