We would like to inform you about the publication of the Commentaries on the Gambling Act whose authors are legal advisers and partners of PNP law office.

As the authors state in the preface to the book, the Act of November 19, 2009 replaces the Gambling and Betting Act of July 29, 1992. The new provisions impose a number of new obligations, often detailed ones, on subjects commencing activity in lotteries and betting. The aim of the publication is to make a reader familiar with crucial provisions of the act without referring to transitional provisions. We recommend our book to legal practitioners dealing with the above field of law and to entrepreneurs commencing or conducting business activity in the scope of organization of gambling.

Mirosław Bik, Robert Kamionowski, Dariusz Obrępalski, Katarzyna Ryszard Gry hazardowe. Komentarz do ustawy o grach hazardowych (Gambling. Commentaries on the Gambling Act), Difin Publishing House, Warsaw 2013