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History and philosophy of the Dr. Frühbeck Abogados y Economistas Law Firm:

Since the foundation of our law firm in 1952 our main focus has been on foreign enterprises and corporations and also high value private individuals and their respective activities both in Spain and abroad. We are an international law firm with teams of highly qualified, internationally trained lawyers and tax consultants giving our clients outstanding care and advice. Wherever possible the firm advises its clients in their own language and importantly the firm also has a sound knowledge of the legal and tax systems of many other jurisdiction. Our law firm is therefore in a position to give tailor-made solutions to the problems and questions of its clients wide ranging needs and requirements.

In addition our understanding and experience of different legal systems and cultures means that we can at the outset anticipate hurdles which can then be addressed straightaway.

Throughout the world the firm has direct and speedy access via various networks to highly qualified lawyers, auditors and tax consultants so that the firm’s clients can be properly and professionally advised on any matters arising throughout the world outside Spain. Literally, our law firm can put our clients in touch with the relevant advisor on just one telephone call or e-mail.

Our law firm has enjoyed steady and continuous growth since its foundation in 1952 and now has a network of offices in the major business centres of the Spanish mainland as well as on the Spanish islands to ensure that our clients receive the right service in the right place. Furthermore the law firm has been established in Cuba since 1998.

It was considered quite revolutionary and certainly very forward thinking in 1952 for a law firm to be established with the prime aim of offering a truly international legal service. Whether we are advising corporations or high value individuals, the fact is that the world has shrunk over the past 50 years and therefore we readily respond to our clients expectations of an international service. The acceptance of this challenge has been welcomed by our law firm and represents one of our basic philosophical principles. Our law firm is proud of its achievements and we will continue to provide a truly international service to our clients both in Spain and abroad irrespective of the complexity of instructions or the geographical base of our clients.

To summarise, our teams of experienced and highly qualified lawyers and tax consultants will continue to listen to our clients needs and then provide the tailor-made solutions as we have been doing successfully for the past 50 years.

The intensive support and advisory service of foreign companies and individuals require a wide range of services, which include both, the juridical as well as the fiscal basis, which in many cases are linked to each other.

Other addresses:

Balmes, 368 pr, 2ª
08006 Barcelona
Tel. 0034 93 254 10 70
Fax: 0034 93 418 93 50
Email: barcelona@fruhbeck.com

c/o Ramón Gómez de la Serna, 22
29600 Marbella
Tel. 0034-952-76 52 25
Fax: 0034-952-82 46 59
Email: marbella@fruhbeck.com

Palma de Mallorca:
Convent des Caputxins, 4 ed. B.3ºC
07002 Palma de Mallorca:
Tel. 0034-971-71 92 28
Fax: 0034-971-72 44 07
Email: mallorca@fruhbeck.com

Canary Islands:
Rafael Cabrera, 10 esc. izq 1ºL
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tel. 0034-928-432 676
Fax:0034-928-432 681
Email: canarias@fruhbeck.com

Zona Franca de Ciudad de la Habana
Centro de Negocios, Ctra de Berroa km 1
La Habana
Tel. 0053-7-959395
Fax: 0053-7-959397
Email: fruhbeckhab@enet.cu
Email: madrid@fruhbeck.com


Dr. Guillermo Frühbeck Borrero
Marqués del Riscal, 11; 5 planta
28010 Madrid, Spain

t: 00 34 91 700 43 50
f: 00 34 91 310 10 82