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Eurolegal is a group of separate and individual medium-sized independent European law firms, serving clients throughout the world. Through member firms, we also have a great number of contact firms outside Europe, in both North and South America and in Asia.


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong are countries where our network has own firm representation. English is the common language of the network.


Our network has at present 16 countries represented, with 20 law firms, 31 offices, and within the network over 500 lawyers, practising in all areas of business and other law. Many of the member firms have worked together for more than nineteen years.


The Eurolegal network is non-exclusive, meaning that member firms are free when instructing lawyers in a different country, to instruct law firms other than the Eurolegal member firms. Member firms are also free to be members of other networks.


We aim at covering regions rather than just countries. Membership is therefore not limited to one member per country. However, quality of the member firms is to us much more important than complete coverage of all regions in Europe.


The strength of our network lies in the quality of the member firms and the close personal contacts we have. We convene once a year at a one-weekend conference to discuss network issues, cross-border legal topics of common interest, and to maintain the personal relations we have. Because of these close contacts, it is possible to obtain reliable foreign legal advice the same day or overnight, which is a great advantage when working for international clients with cross-border trading issues.